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Hello, I am Jeana Whitaker, an exceptional educator, writer and artist. My unique skillset can help you develop outstanding curriculum, courses and content as well as prepare you for speaking engagements, college applications and job interviews. My extensive background in teaching performing arts, coupled with 20 years of providing freelance writing services, enables me to be your one-stop shop for language and educational services.


An experienced freelance writer, I can help you with your needs including blogs, articles, website content, teaching curriculum, grant writing, ghostwriting and more. Please look at my writing portfolio for recent examples of my work.

Jeana Whitaker

Program Development


Original Classroom Curriculum

New to teaching theatre and looking for a place to start?  Start with my book for teaching drama in the classroom – a full year of curriculum, including tests and keys for beginning theatre classes.

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You can also find individual theatre and technical theatre lessons at my store here: https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Store/Designing-Drama

Original classroom curriculum

Jeana Whitaker


“This has been a lifesaver for this first-year drama teacher! It provides a great guideline for the whole year. It is easy to choose units and activities that fit my goals and time-frames.”

-Yvonne A.

“I have been an English and Spanish teacher for 22 years. This semester, I found myself teaching Theatre I for the first . . . time. . . ever. The former teacher brought me her "resources" . . . a set of VHS tapes and a couple of workbooks and a classroom set of plays that beginners would never do. I got on Teachers Pay Teachers and found Ms. Whitaker's whole year bundle, and it has been a lifesaver. I needed guidance on what units to do in which order to avoid boredom and to make cohesive sense, and that is what this provides. I am so grateful.”

-YRachelle T.

“A great resource for first year Drama teacher. Loved how everything was organized.”

-Julie L.


Using performance and public speaking techniques, I can help Academics and businesspeople improve their English language skills to bridge the gaps across cultures and languages. I also create and deliver professional development workshops for your company or school using collaborative activities for engaging, hands-on learning and written to meet your specific needs. In addition, I offer 1:1 coaching for international students applying for U.S. universities.

Jeana Whitaker

Professional Development



I am available to help you with your educational program needs, including creating summer camp programs, designing curriculum and building drama programs for your school.

Jeana Whitaker


I am available as an actor, director, technician and/or writer for you next theatrical production. Please preview my Theatrical Portfolio and Book a Consultation.

Jeana Whitaker


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