Services Offered

Jeana Whitaker

Freelance Writer

Specializing in educational and performing arts content, I can easily adapt to meet your writing needs. Book a free consultation, so we can discuss your unique project needs. Past projects include:

  • Researching and building an after-school SEL curriculum for at-risk teens for a non-profit organization
  • A review of educational objectives and lessons for a TEFL teacher training program
  • Creating a teachable course for an entrepreneur
  • Content articles for a home-schooling website
  • Grant writing for a non-profit performing arts organization
  • Celebrity spotlight articles for a vocal coaching website
  • Creating a summer camp program for a community theatre
  • Writing lesson plans
  • Creating Career and Technical Education Scope and Sequence for a school district
  • Writing articles about living in Portugal for a travel magazine

Consulting Services

With my unique skillset and variety of experiences, I can offer one-of-a-kind consulting services for you school or business.  I have developed original curriculum and programs for public schools, charter schools and even juvenile correctional facilities.  I can develop a program for both theatre and technical theatre courses.  It can be a semester course or a four-year program of study.  It depends on what meets your needs.  I created a four-year in-depth conservatory curriculum, where each course builds upon the skills from the last course, using research and extensive educational theatre experience for the nationally renowned Las Vegas Academy of the Arts.  I also created a unique course of study for drama classes for the Arizona Department of Juvenile Corrections in which incarcerated youth used theatre exercises and performances for creative expression.

In addition to courses for schools, I can create a personalized summer youth camp for you!  I have many years of experience creating theatrical summer camps for a variety of schools and organizations such as Arizona Theatre Company.  A summer camp can be a fantastic fundraiser for your high school program, where your students are the directors and elementary students are your campers.  You can bring in enough funds in one 2 to 3-week camp to fund your program all year (no more cookie dough sales!).  It has the added bonus of being fantastic community outreach and a way to build your program and ticket sales throughout the year.  Theatre companies often utilize summer camps for the same reasons and I can create something to fit your needs, whether it is a short one-week skills camp or a multi-week full production camp, I can help you create it as well as advise you for marketing, booking, scheduling and more.  Check out my resource for creating a summer camp at my store: Designing Drama.

Jeana Whitaker

Program Development

Jeana Whitaker

Original Classroom Curriculum and Lesson Plans

Want to teach something new in your drama classroom, but not sure where to start and don’t really have the time to research it?  Let me take that burden off of your shoulders and I will do the research and write the lesson plans to get you started.  You can always tweak it to your personal style.

Looking for ways to incorporate more technology in your classroom, or whatever the latest requirement is (math, reading, writing)?  It can be difficult to get creative and come up with new ways to approach your standard lessons with new district requirements when you are working so many, many hours each week.  So, let me be your personal ghost writer and come up with those lessons for you and take that extra thing off your already-full plate.

Leaving for maternity leave and need some long-term sub plans that anyone can do in your classroom?  I’ve got you covered.  I can create personalized plans for you that a sub can do blindfolded with their hands behind their back.  Just let me know the skills you want covered or material you want them to learn and I will write the lesson plans for your sub, so you can relax and just focus on your leave.

Need to teach Shakespeare, but feel a tad intimidated by it?  No sweat!  I’m an expert at teaching Shakespeare in the classroom, whether it is for the required reading unit in your English classroom, or you want more in-depth classical performance study for your advanced theatre students, I can help you with Shakespeare lesson that are tailor-made for your classroom.

Of course, a good place to start for the beginning theatre teacher, is to purchase my ready-made book “Teaching Drama in the Classroom.”  It has a whole year of lessons that are created in a specific order to build upon each skill learned.  It even has assessments and keys for each learning unit.  It’s not just another book of improvisation games and exercises.  It is researched and comprehensive.  It takes into account the students that don’t really want to be in a drama class (but got placed there anyway), the ones who LIVE for the art, and everyone in-between.  This book is a great place to start because the planning part of the process is done for you, so you can just focus on the TEACHING.  Like any good basic recipe, you’ll make changes and add your own spice to suit your personal taste.


If you are looking for some general lessons for your theatre or technical theatre classes, you can also visit my store on Teachers Pay Teachers here:

Professional Development Workshops

SCHOOLS: I can create live or recorded online workshops for the English, theatre, and writing teachers in your school or district.  They wouldn’t have to leave their classroom to attend the workshop with others through Zoom.  I can tailor the training to meet your specific needs.  Here is a list of topics to start from, but it’s certainly not inclusive, so book a consultation and let’s figure out how I can help you today.

  • Shakespeare language comprehension
  • Teaching Shakespeare performance
  • Teaching Shakespeare’s Works
  • Movement for classical productions
  • Creating special projects for the drama classroom
  • Teaching playwriting
  • Teaching Master Techniques (Meisner, Stanislavsky, Spolin, Hagen, Strasberg, et al.)
  • Teaching classical performance
  • Technical theatre for the non-technical teacher
  • Building a program
  • Collaborating Across the Curriculum
  • Classroom management for the busy theatre classroom
  • Safety for the tech theatre classroom

BUSINESSES: I can create customized and engaging professional development workshops that utilize my performing arts background. I am available for travel and workshops can be conducted in-person, through live webinars or through pre-recorded sessions that can be accessed at various times so employees can schedule attendance around their itineraries for work. Possible topics include:

  • Collaborative Teamwork
  • Bridging Borders with the English Language
  • Mindfulness in the Workplace
  • Creating Engaging Training Programs
  • Avoiding Burnout in the Workplace
Jeana Whitaker

Professional Development


Individualized Coaching and Tutoring

Looking for a Business English Tutor? Look no further! I am TEFL certified and have hundreds of hours teaching ESL on other platforms. I decided to cut the online platform “middle man” like Preply, so I can offer the same quality 1:1 tutoring without charging my clients inflated rates to pay for a space on the platform.

I can help you revise your resume, practice for the job interview, prepare for public speaking engagements and help you move up the CEFR scale so you can become an international business rockstar! I can also help international students with U.S. university applications, essays and interviews, just like I did with my American students for over 25 years. Utilizing my extensive performing arts background, I am adept at helping ESL students with pronunciation, enunciation and accent reduction as well. Book a free 20-minute trial lesson today!

In addition, I offer 1:1 audition coaching for actors. Specializing in Shakespeare performance, I can help you perfect the classical monologue for any type of college or professional audition. Book an appointment for a consultation so we can discuss a weekly schedule that fits your needs.

Guest Director

Need a guest director for your production?  Maybe the director you had slated for the job can’t make it or your regular theatre instructor is going on leave.  I can step in, whether it’s before auditions have happened or in the middle of a production already in progress, I can help you out. 

I have directed hundreds of productions over 40 years.  I can direct and produce (including tech) anything from classical theatre, to a contemporary comedy to the large-scale musical.  Check out my directing portfolio here: and then book a consultation to see how I can help meet your needs. 

Jeana Whitaker

Guest Director

Jeana Whitaker