B.E.L.L. Tips – Skiing

B.E.L.L. Tips – Skiing

Issue #59

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Skiing is a popular winter sport. I prefer watching others ski as I sit in the warmth of the lodge by a beautiful fire, as I sip on a hot beverage.

Grammar Tip


A group of words that have a meaning other than its literal meaning.

Example: Under the Weather

Meaning = illness or sick

Here are some common idioms (and their meanings) you might hear at a workplace in the U.S.

A dime a dozen = Common or usual

Call it a day = Stop working for the day

Go back to the drawing board = Start over

No pain, no gain = You have to work hard to get ahead

It’s Greek to me = I don’t understand it

Here are a few more. Can you guess their meaning?

Six of one, half a dozen of another =

On the ball =

Make a long story short =

Hang in there =

Bite the bullet =

Tough break =

Ahead of the curve =

Big picture =

Reading Tip

Read the introduction for the article below about the best ski resorts in Europe:

Deciding where to ski in Europe can be a dizzying experience — the act of descending down mountains on two planks is both a beloved pastime and a lifestyle in most of the continent. However, while ski areas can be found all over Europe, the countries of France, Switzerland, Austria, and Italy are particularly renowned for their ski-friendly climate, terrain, and infrastructure. Here, villages have decades (and in many cases, centuries) of experience welcoming powder-hungry travelers and understand that the sport is about more than simply heading down a mountain on skis or a snowboard. So, in addition to powdery pistes, you’ll find lively après-ski scenes, fine-dining restaurants set in wildly scenic locales, and lodging that is both luxurious and unpretentious.

Finish reading the article here:


Tip: Look up words you don’t recognize and add new vocabulary to your ongoing vocabulary list.

Listening Tip

Get ski tips from an expert with this short video. Even if you don’t ski, practice listening to English with a non-native speaker while watching this video:

video preview

Weekly Challenge

Write an ending to each of these sentences:

  1. If I had fewer meetings, I could spend time _________________________________________
  2. If I were sent to work in another country, what I would miss most is ____________________________________
  3. If I could retire, I would ________________________
  4. What’s nice about learning English is ____________
  5. My ideal boss would be_________________
  6. My career goals include _________________________
  7. I do not like working with people who _______________
  8. My dream vacation would be _____________________

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