B.E.L.L. Tips – Holidays Sweets

B.E.L.L. Tips – Holidays Sweets

Issue #49

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Tips and Tricks for Business English Language Learners (B.E.L.L.)

Holiday Sweets

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Oh, it’s that wonderful time of year filled with holiday parties and lots of sweet treats like cookies, cakes, and candies.

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‘Tis the season for holiday idioms!

  1. Deck the halls – to decorate your home for the holiday.

Example: This weekend I will deck the halls with lights, and mistletoe.

2. Scrooge/Grinch – A grumpy person who doesn’t like celebrating the holidays.

Example: Don’t be such a Scrooge and go to the party!

3. With bells on – Happy to go somewhere.

Example: I will be there with bells on!

4. Skating on thin ice: Someone in a risky situation.

Example: She was skating on thin ice when she yelled at the boss in front of everyone.

5. The more the merrier – the more people at the event, the more enjoyable it will be.

Example: Can I bring a friend to the party? Sure! The more the merrier!

6. Christmas came early – Something good happened unexpectedly.

Example: Hey! I got a raise. Christmas came early this year!

7. Snowed under – To be overwhelmed with work.

Example: I can’t go to the party tonight. I am snowed under with work.


Today’s tip is the A1 basics. It is good for beginners or just a refresher for more advanced English learners.

video preview

Reading Practice

It’s fun to explore sweet treats from around the world. Click on the link to read short descriptions of holiday desserts and get the recipe if something inspires you!


Weekly Challenge

Correct the errors in the sentences below:

1. For the economy, we haven’t been able to hire any new people.

2. He says that he’s been really tired since several weeks ago.

3. A friend of us is going to pick us up at the airport.

4. I’ve worked like a waiter in the past, but I wouldn’t want to do it again.

5. To sleep at work is acceptable in some cultures.

6. Because these problems, we shouldn’t move forward with this proposal right now.

7. I’m going to take my lunch break and then to make some phone calls.

8. I’ve asked everyone to help me with my college admissions essay. Even I asked someone I met on the bus.

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