B.E.L.L. Tips – Grand Canyon

B.E.L.L. Tips – Grand Canyon

Issue #64

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Business English Language Learners (B.E.L.L.)

Grand Canyon

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People come from all over the world to visit one of the seven natural wonders, but I was lucky enough to grow up in the Southwestern United States, where the Grand Canyon was practically in my backyard. It is a beautiful sight, and no matter how many times I go, it always takes my breath away, reminding me that my problems at the moment are infinitesimal.

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Grammar Tip

Prepositions with adjectives

This video reviews the use of prepositions with adjectives:

video preview

Complete the sentences with these prepositions:

for, in, of, on, to, with

  1. Natalie is very keen _____ ballet.
  2. Jennifer is fond _____ gardening.
  3. San Sebastian is world-famous _____ its cuisine.
  4. Mike is afraid _____ heights.
  5. He’s interested _____ buying our car.
  6. Who’s Nicole Kidman married _____?
  7. Liam is used _____ speaking French with his grandparents.
  8. I’m not surprised John is late, it’s so typical _____ him.
  9. Congratulations _____ passing your driving test. I’m so proud _____ you!
  10. The doctors are very pleased _____ Kevin’s progress.
  11. At the summer camp James is responsible _____ a group of eight children.

Reading Tip

Did you know that the Grand Canyon creates its own weather? Elevation changes influence temperature and precipitation. So, if the temperature is really low at one point, just 8 miles away, it could be the hottest. The canyon surprises its visitors in many other ways.

Continue reading this article about why you should visit the Grand Canyon here:



Many people like to hike the Grand Canyon. So I’ve included vocabulary related to hiking this week:

a canteen (N) a container used for carrying drinking water

dehydration (N) a physical condition caused by not drinking enough water; having the water removed from something

gear (N) equipment used for a particular purpose (camping, sports, fishing, etc.)

to hike (V) to go on a walk through nature for pleasure or exercise

a hike (N) a walk through nature for pleasure or exercise

a ranger (N) a person who is employed to take care of a state park or a national park

a trail (N) a path (through forest, grass, sand) created when many people or animals walk over the same area

Marked paths in natural parks and reserves are usually called trails.

a trek (N) a journey over a great distance

We often use the word “trek” when a trip lasts several days and is quite challenging.

Weekly Challenge

Correct the mistakes in each of the sentences below:

  1. It is raining when I got home last night.

2. My sister is annoying today.

3. I have not ate anything today.

4. If I am a child, I would play outside.

5. Everyone have seen that movie.

6. If we will be late, they will be angry.

7. My father is thinking that I should stop smoking.

8. Look! It is snow.

9. I fell asleep while I watched TV.

10. I have lived in Canada since 10 months.

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