B.E.L.L. Tips – Butterflies

B.E.L.L. Tips – Butterflies

Issue #68

English Tips for:

Business English Language Learners (B.E.L.L.)


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You can get “butterflies” in your stomach when you are speaking a second language to a native speaker. Fears of using the wrong word or mispronouncing something are common, but you can also choose to see the beauty of the butterfly and know that you are brave and making things happen because you chose to learn English and move your career to the next level!

Grammar Tip

Language Level B2

When you have a sentence with multiple adjectives, how do you know which order they should go in? Here is a simple chart to help you:

Now let’s practice! Write these sentences, putting the adjectives in the right order:

  1. Susan carries a (leather, large, brown) briefcase.
  2. I love these (pink, Italian, new, silk) shoes.
  3. He bought a (cotton, sleeping, fluffy, warm, blue) bag for the camping trip this weekend.
  4. Have you seen the (Chinese, porcelain, gold, antique, tall, beautiful) vase?
  5. She wore a (silk, green, new, stunning) dress that looked fabulous with her red hair.
  6. Can you show me the (diamond-crusted, vintage, round, gold, small) watch in the corner of the case, please?
  7. There is a (plastic, red, small) comb on the counter in the bathroom.

Listening Tip

All Language Levels

When learning a second language, you can use educational videos for kids to learn new English vocabulary about subjects that you are familiar with or are interested in. The pace is usually easier to follow and the vibrant visuals help with understanding.

Learn about butterflies with this video for kids:

video preview


Language Level A2

Adjectives that describe butterflies:

  1. Beautiful – Pleasing to look at
  2. Enchanting – Charming and magical
  3. Graceful – Elegant and fluid movement
  4. Delicate – Fragile and dainty
  5. Vibrant – Full of bright colors and energy
  6. Ethereal – Delicate and otherworldly
  7. Majestic – Impressive and regal
  8. Colorful – Rich in hues and shades
  9. Intricate – Detailed and complex
  10. Mesmerizing – Hypnotic and captivating

Review this vocabulary and other English words in a quizlet created for this newsletter here.

Weekly Challenge

Language Level B2

Elevator Speech – An elevator speech is a short description of who you are and what you do. They should be brief enough that you could say your “speech” and have enough time to start a conversation in an average elevator ride.

They are helpful for networking events or meeting new clients. When you prepare this in advance, it helps reduce the “butterflies in the stomach” feeling when meeting new people and using English.

Here’s a template example:

I’m a [position/title] at [company name], and I’ve worked on [past experience].

Over the past [period of time], I’ve had the privilege of working with diverse industries, from [industry] to [industry], and what truly excites me is [shared interest].

I’m here to connect with other professionals who share my enthusiasm for creative and innovative [field] ideas. I really want to explore new [differentiators and shared interests].

Let’s connect on [communication channel]. I have quite a few compelling [field] resources to share and talk through.

Now here’s the challenge – write your own pitch that you could use to introduce yourself. Be authentic, personable, and make a good impression.

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