B.E.L.L. Tips – Architecture

A building that looks like it is falling in itself.

B.E.L.L. Tips – Architecture

Issue #44

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I find architecture to be fascinating! This is one of the reasons I love living in Europe. I can visit beautiful places with unique architecture that is thousands of years old. I can’t do that in the United States because the country is very young in comparison. However, my hometown of Las Vegas has a lot of interesting architecture like the building pictured above.

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Let’s explore some fun building and construction idioms for today’s vocabulary-building tip:

  1. A bridge too far = Going too far with something and it gets you into trouble or it fails.

Example: Speaking to me with that foul mouth is going a bridge too far, young man!

2. Back against the wall = You are in a difficult situation with no way out of it.

Example: My back was against the wall, I had to agree to the contract changes or lose the whole deal.

3. Bring the house down = Something that is outstanding and praised.

Example: The performance was amazing! It really brought down the house!

4. Burn your bridges = You’ve done something that is impossible to take back or do over.

Example: He has burned bridges at every agency in town. He will never get a job here.

5. House of cards = Something that is poorly thought out and will likely fail.

Example: I have seen many such careers fall like a house of cards in the cruel IT industry.

6. Talking to a brick wall = If you talk to someone and they do not listen to you, it is like talking to a brick wall.

Example: Talking to my teenager is like talking to a brick wall.

7. Born in a barn = Not having manners, like an animal.

Example: Chew with your mouth closed, you weren’t born in a barn.

8. Off the wall = something that is very different or unconventional.

Example: That presentation was really off the wall!


Understand the basics of prepositions with this video:

video preview

Reading Practice:

Notre Dame in Paris suffered a serious fire in 2019. Read the brief article below describing the progress of rebuilding this historic building:


Weekly Challenge

Here is some more practice with conditionals. Choose the pair that works best for each sentence below:

  1. If I ______ my own business, I ______ more stressed.

    • would have/would be
    • had/might be
    • had/will be
    • didn’t have/won’t be
  2. What ______ you do if you ______ in my position?

    • would/were
    • would/are
    • will/were
    • can/were
  3. If John ______ me today, ______ him the news.

    • calls/I would tell
    • calls/I’d tell
    • called/I’ll tell
    • calls/I’ll tell
  4. They said that if they ______ a bigger budget that ______ buying new laptops.

    • will have/they’d consider
    • would have/they’d consider
    • had/they’d consider
    • had/they’ll consider
  5. If Carla ______ such a good relationship with her supervisor, she ______ for another job.

    • hadn’t/might look
    • will have/might look
    • wouldn’t have/might look
    • didn’t have/might look
  6. If they ______ me a company car, ______ their offer.

    • offer/I might accept
    • offered/I will accept
    • offer/I’d accept
    • would offer/I’ll accept
  7. If my schedule ______, ______ earlier.

    • changes/I’ll must wake up
    • changes/I’ll have to wake up
    • changed/I’ll have to wake up
    • will change/I have to wake up
  8. If it ______ easier to obtain visas for foreign workers, my company ______ more software developers from other countries.

    • would be/might hire
    • will be/will hire
    • were/would hire
    • weren’t/won’t hire
  9. If our client ______ us an extension, ______ enough time to do the job right.

    • grants/we’ll have
    • granted/we’ll have
    • wouldn’t grant/we’d have
    • will grant/we’ll have
  10. If we ______ free shipping, ______ placing the order today?

    • will offer/would you consider
    • offered/you would consider
    • would offer/would you consider
    • offered/would you consider

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